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Salida, Colorado 81201

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Civil Processes

The Records Division’s business hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Thursday. We are closed holidays.

Chaffee County Sheriff’s Records
641 West 3rd Street PO Box 699
Salida, CO 81201

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office can only serve civil papers within Chaffee County. You will need to bring the papers to our Salida office or mail to the address listed above, along with your payment. Fees are listed below.

If you need to have the papers served in another county, you must contact that county’s sheriff’s office or a private process server in that county.

CIVIL REQUEST FORM, please download, print and submit with items for Civil Process


Service & Return for Subpoena $60.00
Service & Return for Garnishment $20.00
Service & Return for Summons, Notice, Motion & Order, etc. $35.00
Return of unserved papers (non-est) $20.00
Subsequent Process Served $10.00


Salida (city limits) $5.00
Cnty Rds, Poncha, Turret, Maysville, Monarch, Garfield $15.00
N 291/285, Nathrop, Alpine, St. Elmo $20.00
Buena Vista (city limits) $25.00
Cnty Rds around Buena Vista $28.00
Granite, Vicksburg, Winfield, to Lake Cnty Line $33.00
Subsequent service Mileage for papers served to different
locations on the same court case


Service & Return for Summons, Notice, Motion & Order, etc. $15.00
Service & Return for Subpoena $7.50
N 291/285, Nathrop, Alpine, St. Elmo $20.00
Service & Return for Jury Summons $10.00
Service of Writ of Habeus Corpus or NeExeat $20.00
Return of unserved papers (non-est) $5.00
Mileage fee –per mile Call for pre-payment amounts $0.32

A $2.00 fee is charged for notary service, if required. Papers issued by a court within the state of Colorado and served by a deputy sheriff, do not require a notarized return. However, some attorneys prefer to have the return notarized. All out-of-state papers must be notarized.



Service & Return for order of possession/writ of restitution $60.00
Actual execution of an eviction up to $200.00

Sheriff’s Sales

Service & Return for Writ of Attachment/Writ of Replevin $75.00
Executing levy for Writ of Attachment/Writ of Replevin $75.00
Service & Return Writ of Execution $75.00
Recording levy $30.00
Advertising Fee (in addition to advertising costs) $30.00
Preparing certificate of sale $30.00
Preparing certificate of redemption $30.00
Preparing certificate of levy $30.00
Sheriff’s Return on Execution $60.00
Sheriff’s Deed $40.00
Fee for executing sheriff’s sale up to $100.00
Fee for a sale which is settled up to $150.00