Message from the Sheriff

[The following text was sent to subscribers to our electronic newsletter. WPP] With the recent election of my friend John Spezze to the office of Chaffee County sheriff, and as I prepare to leave that office in January, allow me to review with you the past four years of this administration. When we campaigned for […]

The body of a 31-year-old woman, missing since Saturday evening when the raft she was in overturned in the Arkansas River north of Salida, was discovered at about 5:45pm yesterday (Wednesday) on the east bank of the Arkansas River at the confluence of the Little Arkansas River near Salida’s south city limits.  The victim, Amanda […]

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office today announced the establishment of its first Citizen Police Academy, a program that gives citizens an opportunity to learn about the operation of the sheriff’s office and to educate the public in ways in which it can become working partners with the sheriff’s office and its employees. Academy classes will […]

Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office is accepting applications for a Communications Officer/Dispatcher to fill one position and establish an eligibility list.  Applicants must be 21 years of age with a good driving record and no criminal history.  They must have good hearing in both ears, be able to multi-task, type, and have a high school diploma […]

CHAFFEE COUNTYSHERIFF’S OFFICE     Salida, Colorado M E M O R A N D U M   TO:                 Chaffee County Board of Commissioners                 FROM:           John Spezze, Undersheriff DATE:           August 20, 2013 SUBJECT:  2014 Budget Request Last year we submitted the budget request and outlined specific goals that we have identified as pertinent to our […]

Several laws related to firearms were enacted by the legislature this year and signed into law by the governor. Below is a list. HB13-1224- Prohibits large-capacity magazines (more than 15 rounds).  HB13-1228- Fees for funding gun background checks.  HB13-1229- Universal background checks for all gun sales.  SB13-197- Prevents domestic violence offenders from possessing firearms.  SB13-195- Requires in-person training for […]

As the fire season approaches, it might be helpful to explain to our residents once again, as we did last year, our procedure and rationale for imposing or lifting fire restrictions. In my role as sheriff and county fire warden, early every morning I check the fire weather on the National Weather Service’s website.  When […]

The following opinion piece by Sheriff Palmer appeared in the January 31st editions of the Mountain Mail and Chaffee County Times newspapers.   El Paso County commissioners recently passed a resolution pledging to oppose any efforts to enforce laws that, in their view, restrict their citizens’ rights under the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.  Weld […]

Because Chaffee County wants to reach everyone affected by an emergency whether or not they have signed up for CodeRED®, two Chaffee County telephone number databases are already available to the system. One is the emergency 9-1-1 database all public safety agencies in Chaffee County use whenever someone dials 9-1-1. The other is a database […]

Amendment 64, a measure that would legalize the possession, cultivation, use, and sale of marijuana in Colorado, will be on the November ballot.  If adopted, the law becomes embedded within the Colorado Constitution making it difficult if not impossible to later amend or repeal.  Voters should be aware of the provisions of the amendment and of […]