Detentions Information


John Spezze, Sheriff
Andy Rohrich, Undersheriff

641 West 3rd Street
PO Box 699
Salida, Colorado 81201

Emergency: 911

Non-Emergency: 719-539-2596
Communications Center Fax:
Records Fax: 719-539-1077


Chaffee County Detention Facility Information:

Located at: 148 Crestone Blvd. in Salida, Colorado  81201 (PO BOX 699)

Please read through our website prior to calling our facility or coming on-site.

The current Chaffee County Detention Center (CCDC) was built in 2003. It has seven housing units and can hold up to 105 inmates.

Our detention staff consists of twenty-seven personnel: Commander, Lieutenant, Sergeant, four Corporals, Transport Coordinator, fourteen deputies, and two kitchen staff. Medical needs for our population are handled by corrections based Turn Key Health.  Our staff handles court security and all secure transportation matters for the county.

Our facility houses not only local offenders, but inmates for several out-of-county facilities as well as Department of Correction (DOC) bound inmates from various counties who are awaiting processing at the Denver Reception and Diagnostic Center (DRDC).

Frequently asked:

Inmate information:

We will only confirm that we have the inmate and what their bond status is, nothing more will be divulged regardless of your relation to the inmate.


By law, our staff cannot recommend any bondsmen. Please research this information via the internet or a phone book.

Cash bonds: the full bond amount in addition to a $30.00 booking and $10.00 bond fee in EXACT cash.  Example:  $1,000 bond, separate from the $40.00 in fees.

Bondsman: normal requires 15% fee and collateral.  Your bondsman can advise as to the process.

Personal Recognizance (PR): Granted by the Court.  Until our staff receives proper documentation from the court, we cannot release the inmate.  This can take over an hour.  Your patience is appreciated.

Paying Inmate Debt:

Within thirty days of release, debt can be paid on-site via any Deputy. Inmate debt beyond thirty days must be paid via Pay My Jailer at 866-494-8556 or online:


Visitation is only conducted by video-visitation either on-site(free) or from home (for a fee). Appropriate attire and conduct is required.  Visits can be canceled at any time for a variety of reasons.  Please check your visitation status prior to arriving at our facility. Visits can only be set up online at:

Any issues with video visitation or inmate phone time need to be addressed with Securus via their website or 972-734-1111Do not contact our facility.

On-site visits require a PIN number that you will receive when you schedule your appointment. If you do not have the assigned PIN number when you come on-sight for your appointment, you forfeit your visit. Be sure to bring a VALID photo ID to your visit.  No photocopies or expired documents will be accepted.

ALL mail must include the full name of the sender and the recipient.

Chaffee County Detention Center

Attn: Inmate Name

PO BOX 699

Salida, CO 81201

We accept small packages, from online distributors, that contain the following:

  • White undergarments in their packaging. Must be cotton. No muscle shirts, buckles, clips, etc.
  • Paperback books

Inmates are limited to the following:

  • Three each of t-shirts, underwear, socks
  • One thermal top, one thermal bottom
  • Three paperback books  **must be purchased on line and shipped directly to the facility in the inmate’s name
  • In order for us to continue accepting outside items, they are considered donations from public. All books and whites are considered donations to the facility. They will be given to the intended inmate, but are considered detention center property from the moment they enter the facility. Items purchased from commissary are inmate property and will be released with the inmate.

Inmate messages and emergencies:

We do not take inmate messages. If you have an emergency, you will be asked detailed questions about that emergency and it will be reviewed and verified prior to staff informing the inmate


Via the Securus App or the Securus website, you can sign up to reach an inmate with digital mail and photos.

Inmate funds:

Money can be added to an inmate account via our lobby kiosk or online:

Care Packs:

Commissary gift packs can be purchased for inmates online:

PER CCDC INMATE HANDBOOK: Any inmate who attempts to circumvent the commissary system in order to avoid paying down their inmate debt will be subject to disciplinary action for all inmates involved.  It is not permitted to “put money” on anyone else’s “books” to receive commissary or care packs.

Inmates order commissary at their own risk. No commissary money or phone time money is refunded.  Any commissary received after a person’s release will be held for three (3) days after delivery.   The items will be donated unless picked up by a relation of the inmate.

DOC inmates:

DOC bound inmates can not receive any items for their pending transport to DOC. A DOC bound inmate can have their belongings picked up from the facility up to thirty (30) days beyond their release and transfer.  After thirty days, the property will be purged.