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Chaffee County Board of Commissioners                    March 26, 2019   As you know HB19-1177, The Red Flag Bill, is currently passing through the legislative process having voted on and approved by the state legislature and is now in the state senate. Approval is expected within the next few days and it will then be on […]

CHAFFEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Salida, Colorado PRESS RELEASE  For release Friday March 7, 2019 Sheriff announces Citizen Police Academy   The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office today announced the annual Citizen Police Academy, a program that gives citizens an opportunity to learn about the operation of the sheriff’s office and to educate the public in ways in […]

CHAFFEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Salida, Colorado PRESS RELEASE March 4, 2019 Over the last several days the Colorado Legislature has been debating the passage of HB 19-1177, The Red Flag Bill. In this legislation family members and law enforcement can petition a court for a protection order and a search warrant for weapons if the […]

Gas Message *** Natural Gas Update*** FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CLICK ON THE WORDS Gas Message above for the original press release.   UPDATE…… Good Morning Chaffee County, We had what will likely be our last coordination call with Xcel Energy.  Xcel Energy reported during… this update that “the natural gas system serving the Summit […]

CHAFFEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE Salida, Colorado PRESS RELEASE October 2, 2018 Dianna Scudder, Executive Director for Network Operations for Verizon Wireless, recently contacted Sheriff John Spezze and provided an update in regards to fiber optic that was to be added to our local Verizon Wireless network. Ms Scudder related that new fiber optic has now […]