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The sheriff and undersheriff The undersheriff attended a three-day conference of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association in Vail. The sheriff attended a two-day conference of the FBI National Academy Associates held in Pueblo. Operations Cmdr. Derek Bos and others participated in Emily’s Run, Fairplay, September 28. A proposed new county ordinance titled disobeying a lawful [...]

After a staff briefing today that included sheriff’s investigators and representatives from the district attorney and coroner’s offices, the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office formally closed the case of the death of Turret resident Edwin Bartheld, 92 at the time of his death.  Mr. Bartheld’s body was discovered in the crawlspace of his home the afternoon [...]

At about 6pm yesterday, Tuesday, volunteers from Chaffee County Search and Rescue South responded to the “Uncle Nasty” trail, part of the Salida trail system, to assist a 42-year-old Texas resident who had suffered an ankle injury while riding his bike on the trail.  Ten search and rescue members responded to the base of Tenderfoot [...]

Results of the autopsy performed Monday on deceased Turret resident Edwin Bartheld determined that death was caused by a small projectile that entered the front of the man’s throat, traveled at an upward angle, severed his spinal cord and lodged in his skull.  The projectile is in the custody of the sheriff’s office.  It appears [...]

The body of a Turret man, 92, was discovered in the crawl space of his home by friends who were concerned after hearing nothing from him for over a week.  At first believed to be a suicide, the man’s death is now suspected by authorities to be accidental due to a bizarre series of events.  [...]