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Fire Restrictions Stage 1


Salida, Colorado
September 11, 2020

Due to the recent moisture and in keeping to uniformity throughout our county
with the Forest Service and the Statewide fire restrictions Chaffee County is
moving to Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. This includes all unincorporated lands in
Chaffee County with the exception of USFS and BLM lands. Please consult with
USFS and BLM in regards to the requirements and prohibitions in their Stage 1

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions prohibit all open burning including slash piles, debris piles
and agricultural land burning along with pyrotechnic or exploding targets.

Stage 1 Fire Restrictions allow:

  • Camp fires within a permanently constructed fire ring or grate, 3 feet max in
    diameter in a developed campground, public or private and or private property.
  • LP or liquid gas fires or stoves controlled by a valve
  • Fireplaces within a closed building with fire screens affixed to the flue
  • Charcoal grill fires and pellet stove fires at private residences.

All residents and visitors are reminded that a more stable weather pattern is
predicted over the next several days which could produce drying conditions.
Please exercise caution when building or maintaining any type of fire.

Thank You

John A. Spezze
Chaffee County Sheriff’