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Sheriff’s Records office re-opens and CCW fingerprinting resumes


The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office will open their records office, at 641 W. 3rd, beginning Monday June 22nd, 2020.  Business hours are Monday thru Thursday 8am-4pm.  All persons entering the building are requested to wear masks.   Hand sanitizer will be available for use at the counter.   Fingerprinting, for Concealed Carry permits, and court ordered fingerprints, will resume on Saturday June 27th.   To be fingerprinted, you will need to call 719-539-2814, during business hours, to reserve a time slot.  Fingerprints will be done on Saturdays only.   Please go to http://chaffeesheriff.org/jail/civilian-fingerprints/ and read the Privacy Act and Privacy Rights pages, then fill out the Fingerprint application, you will need to print out and sign the application, and bring to your appointment at the detention facility (148 Crestone Ave).  When you come for your appointment, please be on time, check in with the detention facility thru the intercom on the front of the building, they will direct you from there.  The front doors to the detention facility will remain locked at this time.  Masks are mandatory for fingerprinting and hand sanitizer will be made available.