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Press Release – Evacuations lifted



Salida, Colorado


October 8, 2019

Effective Wednesday, October 9th at 10am, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze is cancelling the evacuation order for the residents of the Methodist Estates and Boot Hill Subdivisions and all other residents who access their homes via CR 108 as well as the Chaffee County residents who reside on CR 101, Bear Creek.

Residents of Methodist Estates and Boot Hill will be asked to check in with sheriff personnel starting at 10am, on Wednesday, and will be required to show valid id or rapid tag id issued as part of the Decker Fire Incident to access their homes.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office checkpoint will remain at CR 108, at its current location, as only residents of Methodist Estates and Boot Hill, as well as service providers, will be allowed into the area. No other access will be granted into this area as there are still fire personnel, fire activity and dangerous conditions in the area. All residents will be required to check in upon re-entry each time they return home for safety and accountability reasons. This checkpoint will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Residents on CR 101 will be allowed directly to their homes on Wednesday as Fremont County will be moving that checkpoint to the Chaffee/ Fremont County line.

All affected residences will remain on Pre-Evacuation Alert

***What to Expect When You Return Home***

Expect to see certain changes in your neighborhood. You may see firefighters still working in the area; you are also likely to see firefighting and structure protection equipment in the area, including fire engines, pumps hoses, sprinklers, portable tanks, and other items. Firefighting personnel will be removing this equipment from the area s it becomes unneeded, but this process may take a few days. Use extreme caution on roadways, as fire equipment is still operating in the area, and wind-driven ash and dust may make visibility difficult.

Recently burned areas are very dangerous. Fire burns deeply in extremely dry duff layers and weakens trees that may fall unexpectedly. For your safety, please stay out of burned areas, as hot spots and ash pits may still exist. Ash pits are deep holes in the ground filled with hot ash and embers and are often hard to see. Smoldering stumps, an occasional torching tree, or burning underbrush may still be seen within the existing fire perimeter.

Residents allowed to return to their homes remain on pre-evacuation status at this time. Be ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Know how to receive and stay aware of the latest news and information on the fire from local media and community resources.

When you return home:

  • Be alert for downed power lines and other hazards.
  • Check propane tanks, regulators, and lines before turning gas on.
  • Check your residence carefully for hidden embers or smoldering fires.


Thank You

Sheriff John Spezze