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Natural Gas pressure loss


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Good Morning Chaffee County,

We had what will likely be our last coordination call with Xcel Energy.  Xcel Energy reported during this update that “the natural gas system serving the Summit County area is operating normally and we do not anticipate any further service issues for customers”.

They went on to say that despite all of their investigative efforts they still have not determined the cause of the pressure loss, leak or breech that initially caused the service issue. Xcel Energy will continue to look for the root cause while ensuring the system remains pressurized. We were told that this would be the last report from Xcel unless something significant is found or happens.

With this new information we feel that we can breathe a little sigh of relief but we will still remain prepared for a potential service issue. Our county-wide emergency response agencies are prepared to respond to emergencies of all kinds by having a plan, we encourage you all to develop a plan for your families as emergencies can strike at any time.