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Salida, Colorado


May 19, 2018

On May 18, 2018 I became aware through social media that persons were making accusations that members of the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office had possibly requested a criminal arrest record of Stephen Hall through CBI, CCIC, and that I also either participated or had knowledge of this illegal action.

Upon hearing of these accusations I immediately contacted the Special Agent in Charge of CBI in Pueblo. I requested that an audit be performed of any criminal history requests of Stephen Hall that could possibly have been run through any of the CCIC terminals maintained by the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office.

If any questionable activity is discovered in regards to this matter I will then contact an outside law enforcement agency to investigate any possible wrongdoing and all information will be turned over to the district attorney’s office.

I will keep the public informed in regards to this matter as it is extremely important to maintain the integrity of the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office.

John A. Spezze


Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office