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Reminder to register your cell phone with Everbridge to receive emergency notifications



Salida, Colorado


April 3, 2018

On April 3, 2018, Easter Sunday, a fire started west of Buena Vista. The fire was being fanned by strong winds and was travelling in the direction of homes south of the origin of the fire. It became necessary to issue an evacuation warning for numerous residents south of the fire so an evacuation order was issued by Sheriff John Spezze utilizing our Everbridge, reverse 911, notification system.

In any situation where it is imperative to notify numerous people in a timely manner the Chaffee County Communications Center will always first utilize our Everbridge system by way of a reverse 911 call. This will always be our primary source of notification. We will always utilize other sources of information, ie local radio, social media and our web page however Everbridge is our first and primary source of notification.

With this in mind it is imperative that all permanent and part time residents register their cell phones with the Everbridge system. We automatically register hard line phones but cell phones have to be registered by the owner. Therefore I am asking that all residents of Chaffee County, whether you are a full time or part time, to please register your cell phone with our Everbridge system.

You can accomplish registration by going to chaffeesheriff.org/communication/everbridge. Click on Everbridge and register your phone.