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Chaffee County Sheriff Dept/Salida Police Tac Team respond to barricaded man



Salida, Colorado


December 24, 2017

On December 24, 2017 at approximately 2pm the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office was contacted in regards to a child welfare issue. The reporting party related that she was to have her kids returned to her on the December 24th, by the children’s father. The reporting party stated that she had not heard from the father all day and she feared for the welfare of the children due to the mental stability of the father.

Deputies from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office responded to a Johnson Village home where the father resides. Deputies attempted to make contact however there was no answer at the door. Based on information received from the reporting party deputies feared for the safety of the children and forced entry into the home. Once this was done deputies observed the children and the father. The kids appeared to be ok but the father began yelling at deputies and appeared to be very delusional. The father immediately began to barricade both himself and children in the home. The initial responding deputies secured the perimeter and called for assistance.

The Chaffee County/Salida Police Tac Team responded and evacuated adjacent neighbors. Communication with the suspect was attempted utilizing several means however the suspect refused to cooperate. Fearing for the safety of the children based on the erratic behavior of the suspect the tac team breached the front door of the residence and took the suspect into custody.

Two children were taken from inside the home. It was determined that the kids were shaken but in ok physical condition.

The suspect, Edward Hannifen Jr, age 36, from Johnson Village, was transported to The Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center for mental evaluation and then to the Chaffee County Detention Center. He was booked into jail for the following charges: Third Degree Assault, 2 counts of Child Abuse and resisting Arrest.