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County Road 191 Crash – Update



Salida, Colorado


For immediate release

There has been some confusion and concern as to why the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office did not release a Code Red as to the descriptions and information in regards to the manhunt for the suspects involved in the motor vehicle crash on County Road 191 as well as their involvement of crimes committed in Alamosa, Colorado.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office responded to the original call of a car in a field on Co Rd 191. When deputies arrived they found the vehicle rollover and the female that was deceased. It appeared that the crash had happened several hours earlier and no other occupant were in the vehicle. At this same time the sheriff’s office received a call of a suspicious male in a nearby subdivision. That male, later identified as William Marquez, 34 yrs of age, was taken into custody and transported to the Chaffee County Detention Facility. The sheriff’s office immediately contacted the Alamosa Police Department to determine if this party was involved in the crimes committed earlier in Alamosa. We asked they come immediately to interview the suspect because we wanted to determine if other suspects were in the vehicle at the time of the accident. This information was NOT known as there was one witness that spotted two parties in the area over a mile away from the accident and they did not match the description of the two suspects that were possibly armed.

The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office did issue a code red informing nearby residents of the police activity, however at that time no information was available to confirm that there were other suspects in the area. The Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and the Salida Police Department continued to search as this was the prudent course of action to take.

At some point an unknown person released information to the media that we were searching for armed suspects, however this information was not confirmed and had not become available to local law enforcement until later in the afternoon once the Alamosa Police Department interviewed William Marquez and it was confirmed that there were in fact other suspects in the vehicle. Once this was learned the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office immediately released a Code Red and press release detailing this information. This was also posted on the CCSO web page and Facebook page.

At the time of this press release it was learned that both suspects were spotted in Alamosa the same day they fled from Chaffee County and one of the suspects were taken into custody in that city.