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Search and Rescue responds to dual calls for help.


Salida, Colorado


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Search and Rescue responds to dual calls for help.

On Monday, July 20th, 2015 at approximately 2:13 p.m. the Chaffee County Communications Center received a 911 call from a lost hiker on Mt. Shavano. Nearly thirty minutes later, they received another, unrelated 911 call for help from two hikers below the summit of Mt. Columbia.

The lost hiker on Mt. Shavano reported that he was descending Mt. Shavano and got caught up in heavy fog, losing his way. He reported that he was not in any other distress, but simply needed directions in how to descend the mountain safely. Chaffee County Search and Rescue South volunteers were able to provide him with directions from his location back to the trailhead. The lost party reached the trailhead at approximately 6:56 p.m.

A 25 year old female and a 24 year old male hiking on Mt. Columbia reported similar circumstances, calling 911 and reporting that they had lost the trail due to heavy rain and fog. They also reported seeing numerous lightning strikes in the area. Chaffee County Search and Rescue North volunteers were able to speak with these parties on the phone and learned that the male party was hypothermic and needing assistance. The two hikers were directed toward Frenchman’s Creek drainage and began to descend into the drainage. Two search teams were deployed, one up Frenchman’s Creek, and a second along the Colorado Trail. The search team in Frenchman’s Creek drainage located the two hikers, and assisted them down the drainage and back to their vehicle. The lost hikers returned to the trailhead around 6:40 p.m.