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October 2014 report to the county commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff

The undersheriff attended a two-day conference of the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance (COVA) held in Keystone.  Also attending were Det. Sgt. Andy Rohrich and Victims Assistance Coordinator Brittany Goodwin.


Sgt. Matt Goodwin and Deputy Ben Adair responded to a family domestic call in Harvard Estates Halloween night.  Arrested from the home was a 23-year-old male charged with first degree assault, felony menacing, and harassment for attacking his mother with a baseball bat and punching his seventeen-year-old sister in the ribs.  A second male adult was found hiding in a closet and was jailed after deputies discovered a no bond warrant for his arrest for violation of parole.   

Patrol wrapped up the death investigation of a Turret man on October 2 after more IEDs were located buried in an outbuilding on the man’s property.  Our deputies received assistance from ten K-9 units from Peterson Air Force Base and one K-9 from Colorado Springs PD in sweeping the entirety of the property in an effort to locate any additional explosives.  None were detected.  CSPD bomb squad safely removed the buried IEDs from the ground and detonated them.

Deputy Jesse Cortese is taking over the Explorer program, and Deputy Marty Johnson will be assisting him.


Investigators concluded an arson and burglary investigation by obtaining an arrest warrant for the suspect on October 30th.  A local man’s horse and camper trailer was set on fire in August 2013 and a large amount of his personal belongings were stolen. The lengthy investigation led to the issuance of an arrest warrant for the suspect, who is in custody of DOC for his conviction in a separate case.  New charges include first degree arson and second degree burglary.  The press release is on our website.

  Training Issues

Deputy Lamine Mullenax attended a one-day class on school resource officers in Pagosa Springs.  All LE agencies in the state are required to have at least one officer attend this training, even those in jurisdictions in which there are no schools.

All deputies completed the state-mandated Dog Protection Act training this month.

Commander Bos attended the first annual Colorado School Safety Summit in Loveland, Colorado October 22 and 23.  He reports that the event was well attended, well planned, and very educational. 


Randy Carricato transferred to patrol from the detention facility and began his new duties October 20th. 

From Cmdr. Bos: We continue to be very, very shorthanded within the patrol division.  Special thanks to all the deputies who are working a significant amount of overtime just to keep this division afloat.  We need more patrol deputies. 

  Complaints / commendations

Guilty verdicts were returned after separate trials of Adam Smith and Robert Aldridge, the former of whom threatened his girlfriend with a handgun and later fought with Deputy Marty Johnson.  He was convicted of felony menacing, resisting arrest, obstructing a peace officer, possession of a firearm while under the influence, and prohibited use of a weapon (metallic knuckles).  Robert Aldridge was convicted of fourteen felony counts related to his arrest for a series of sexual assaults on a child.  Deputy District Attorney Molly Chilson wrote the sheriff:

“We were successful in both cases due to the hard work and professionalism of Andy Rohrich and Marty Johnson.  Deputy Johnson served as advisory in the Smith case and did an excellent job.  He also assisted us in the Aldridge case in confirming the child victim’s account of where the assaults occurred.  As advisory in the Aldridge case, Det. Sgt. Rohrich showed the bench, defense bar, judicial staff, DA’s office and jury what it really means to protect and serve kids.  I felt very proud to sit next to him in that courtroom.  I would like you to know how well both individuals represented your department, and how much I personally appreciate their work ethic and integrity.”

The sentiment is mutual.  Our relations with the district attorney’s staff during the four years of this administration could not be better.

A Buena Vista man complained to the sheriff of some inappropriate remarks allegedly made to the man’s associate by one of our deputies.  The sheriff will report the outcome of that inquiry in the November summary.

An internal personnel investigation was opened alleging insubordination and other non-criminal misconduct by an employee.  The allegations were sustained and appropriate action taken.

Victims Advocate

Communications Center


A new communications center dispatcher was recently hired.  Jennifer Rice begins training November 3.


  Training Attended

 Search and Rescue

There were several search and rescue missions this month, most of them “routine.”  One of note:

 A male ATV driver operating near Ptarmigan Lake lost controlled of the vehicle and rolled 100 feet down the slope.  He was reached by SAR members and airlifted out by Flight for Life after sustaining severe head injuries.

Buena Vista resident Linda Johnson held an appreciation dinner for the first responders to the Agnes Vaille rock slide tragedy.  It was well attended by our patrol staff and members of both search and rescue teams.

Records and Administration

Detention Facility

Interviews and oral boards for the detentions deputy position were conducted October 29.  Personnel turnover in this facility remains a concern.


  Training Attended

  Equipment issues