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September 2014 report to the county commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff

The undersheriff attended a three-day conference of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association in Vail.

The sheriff attended a two-day conference of the FBI National Academy Associates held in Pueblo.


Cmdr. Derek Bos and others participated in Emily’s Run, Fairplay, September 28.

A proposed new county ordinance titled disobeying a lawful order of an emergency worker was introduced at a meeting of the county’s board of commissioners who set the matter for public hearing September 16.  At the public hearing, the commissioners continued the matter to October 21.

Cmdr. Bos issued a directive to his patrol deputies to begin routinely visiting local schools and to spend a few minutes speaking with students and staff.  In addition, deputies are to randomly shadow school buses on their routes to discourage traffic infractions by motorists ignoring the vehicles’ flashing lights.  Deputies are also encouraged to visit schools during special events such as athletic games, plays, choir practices, and the like.  This visible presence is meant to reinforce our commitment to school security and community interaction. 

A high-speed vehicle pursuit ensued late one evening when deputies spotted a subject for whom they held arrest warrants as he was driving his car on Hwy 285 in Poncha Springs.  The subject, 25, a resident of Poncha Springs, refused to yield when the deputies activated their emergency lights and sped off with deputies in pursuit.  With speeds exceeding 130 miles per hour as he approached Salida on US50, the man’s speed prevented the deployment of “stop sticks” by Salida police officers.  He continued on through Salida until turning east on CR 102 near the stockyards, with deputies and Salida officers following.  He finally abandoned his car on the road that parallels the railroad tracks.  He was found shortly afterwards hiding in some thick brush.  He was arrested, medically cleared at the hospital, and jailed on a variety of felony and misdemeanor charges.  The press release is on our website.

Another National Drug Take-Back Initiative event was held September 27 at locations in Salida and Buena Vista.  This was a joint effort spearheaded by Rebecca Rice of Build A Generation with participation by the sheriff’s office, both police departments, and local pharmacists.  Total weight of drugs collected was 134.4 lbs.


The body of a Turret man, 92, was discovered in the crawl space of his home by friends who were concerned after hearing nothing from him for over a week.  He had been dead for several days.  Authorities also discovered a large cache of explosive devices and chemicals commonly used for manufacturing explosives inside the house.  An autopsy produced a .22 caliber bullet from the man’s head, the cause of his death.  Investigation of this rather bizarre case finally concluded that the man unintentionally had set off a homemade detonator that severely injured and partially incapacitated him, following which he shot himself with a .22 caliber handgun that was found beneath his body.  We speculate that he intended to destroy the house with explosives to prevent its return to the owners, to whom he had sold the property several years ago.  The press releases (three total) are posted on our website.

  Training Issues

Cmdr. Bos, Sergeant Everson, Detective Hysjulien, and Deputies Cortese, Johnson, Mullenax, and Stephens attended training on hash oil explosions.

Cmdr. Bos participated in a critical incident exercise at the county’s emergency operations center.


  Complaints / commendations

Officer Garret Robinson, Buena Vista PD, sent an email to the communications center manager commending Dispatcher Jeannette Harris for her “amazing performance between the hours of 0255 until the end of her shift.” Officer Robinson wrote that during that period, a serious domestic violence incident occurred in Buena Vista that required officers to continuously rely on Ms. Harris for information.  “Jen did an amazing job answering quickly and advising us of pertinent information about the incident.  Of course, you have an amazing staff in dispatch and I for one could never do what you all do in dispatch!  However, Jen was superb yesterday morning, she did an amazing job!!!” 

The sheriff received a phone call from an Alamosa resident who said he was stopped one evening by Deputy Robin Burgess while driving through Chaffee County.  The deputy pointed out that a taillight on the man’s trailer was not functioning and assisted him in fixing the light.  The man said, “I’ve rarely run across an individual that was as courteous, friendly, and helpful as that young man.”

Victims Advocate

Communications Center



  Training Attended

Search and Rescue

A 42-year-old Texas man, bicycling the “Uncle Nasty” trail, part of the Salida trail system, was assisted off the trail and to the Salida hospital after suffering an ankle injury.  The press release is on our website.

Records and Administration

Detention Facility

We were notified that CCSO has been awarded $1220 by Justice Benefits, Incorporated, a public sector consulting firm working on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice “to reimburse some of the costs of incarcerating undocumented criminal aliens who have committed serious crimes in the United States.”  The funds are reimbursement for costs associated with our agency holding undocumented persons who are charged with a crime.  We emphasize that the detentions are based on judicial warrants, not on ICE “administrative warrants” or holds not supported by the judicial process.


Randy Carricato has accepted a position as patrol deputy within our agency and will start this assignment immediately.

  Training Attended

  Equipment issues

  Agency training

All members of the agency have been receiving training from SLEUTH personnel as the new SLEUTH 10 RMS system was implemented.  This new system was approved for the 2014 budget and was put into operation in the middle of September.