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deputies and Buena vista police arrest several at underage drinking party


Ten people were detained and cited early Saturday morning when sheriff’s deputies, assisted by Buena Vista police officers, broke up a drinking party at a private residence west of Buena Vista.  The two occupants of the residence, who authorities allege hosted the party and provided alcohol to the guests, were charged with providing alcohol to persons under the age of twenty-one.  Michael Rucker, 23, and Dexter Dougherty, 25, were issued summonses to court and were released.

At about half past midnight Saturday morning, the sheriff’s office received an anonymous tip of a large party taking place at a residence located at 27636 County Road 340 in the unincorporated area west of Buena Vista.  According to the source, dozens of young people, most of them under the age of 21, were present and being provided alcohol.  Sheriff’s patrol sergeant Kevin Everson, accompanied by Deputy Ben Adair and Buena Vista sergeant Dean Morgan and officer RJ Carland, arrived at the residence shortly before 1am.  Several young persons, late ‘teens, ran from the residence when they saw the officers drive up.  Inside the house officers found the two hosts and five other persons, ages 18 to 20, all of whom had been drinking at the residence.  Another person was found sleeping in a cabinet and another hiding under the front porch.  One other was found outside by officers and returned to the house.  All tested positive for alcohol use, were cited for underage drinking, cited, and released at the scene to responsible third parties.

Those cited, in addition to Rucker and Dougherty, were

Elle Alexandra Egglestone, 18, Buena Vista
Hope Tyler Hansen, 18, Buena Vista
Mellissa Rodriguez, 18, Salida
Karissa Nicole Wentz, 18, Salida
Shaian Nikol Mata, 20, Buena Vista
Victor Chartier, 20, Buena Vista
Eli Jacob Perez, 20, Buena Vista

Nathan Kohls, 20, Littleton