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Denver man arrested following domestic dispute, assaulting deputy


A Denver man was arrested Tuesday after a dispute with his girlfriend ended in a physical struggle with a sheriff’s deputy who had been called to their lodging at MountAdam Smith Princeton Hot Springs Resort to assist the woman.  Adam I. Smith, 29, was jailed on a variety of criminal charges.

At about 2:30pm Tuesday, Deputy Marty Johnson was dispatched to the resort lodge to meet with Michelle Robertson, 30, also of Denver.  Robertson told the deputy she and her boyfriend were staying in a room across the road from the lodge and had an argument.  Robertson asked the deputy to stand by as she retrieved her belongings from the room.

Arriving at the room, the woman used a key to open the door that appeared to be barricaded.  Pushing her way in with the deputy close behind, they were met by Smith who was pointing a handgun at the pair from inside the room.  Deputy Johnson pulled Robertson from the doorway and directed her to safety.  He drew his handgun, quickly moved to the protection of his patrol vehicle, and yelled to several resort staff members nearby to leave the area. 

Smith came to the door and slowly complied with Deputy Johnson’s commands to raise his hands and to lay face down on the pavement, then abruptly arose from the ground and started for the room.  The deputy, fearful that Smith would once again arm himself with the handgun, ordered him several times to stop.  Smith would not comply and the deputy used his Taser in an attempt to subdue him.  Due to Smith’s heavy jacket, the Taser was ineffective.  Deputy Johnson then grabbed Smith to prevent Smith’s returning to the room and engaged him in a physical struggle for several minutes until the deputy was again able to use his Taser in a direct contact stun to Smith’s torso; this apparently convinced Smith to cease his struggle.  He was immediately handcuffed by the deputy and ordered to sit on the asphalt. 

A backup officer arrived a few minutes later and searched Smith’s pockets where brass knuckles and a switchblade knife were found.  A .380 caliber semiautomatic handgun was found inside Smith’s room.  All items were seized by the deputies.

Undersheriff John Spezze arrived at the scene shortly after Smith was arrested.  He said later, “At six feet four inches tall and weighing 248 pounds, Smith outweighs Deputy Johnson by about forty-five pounds and is four inches taller.  Deputy Johnson’s willingness to go hands on with this guy, younger than the deputy by twenty-five years, is a testament to Deputy Johnson’s courage and devotion to duty.”

Smith was jailed on charges of felony menacing, prohibited use of weapons, two counts of possessing an illegal weapon, criminal mischief, domestic violence, and resisting arrest.  He later was released on a bond of one thousand dollars and is due back in district court February 4.