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February 2013 report to the commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff

Both attended the two-day conference of Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police in Lone Tree, Colorado.

After a dispute became more heated between the owner of a medical marijuana grow operation and his neighbors, involving threats of lawsuits and other actions, Undersheriff John Spezze met with all parties to mediate the affair.  So far, the effort appears successful and no further responses by our deputies have proved necessary.

The sheriff visited the classroom training of two local civilian concealed handgun instructors for introductions and to answer any questions about the permitting process or other topics related to the sheriff’s office.  He also visited with students participating in civilian firearms training at the county firearms range for the same purpose.

New furniture was purchased and installed in the CCSO conference room.  The space is now an attractive and comfortable area for meetings and training.

The undersheriff has been attending staff meetings at Salida’s high school, middle school, grade school, and early childhood development to discuss school safety.  A sergeant has now provided training in the School Response Protocol to all Chaffee County public schools.  He and a BVPD sergeant have personally trained staff at Avery Parsons Elementary School, Salida and Buena Vista Boys and Girls Clubs, and Darren Patterson Christian Academy.  Our patrol deputies have all received training on the protocol and active shooter scenarios. This training will also be on-going.


  Training Attended


The detective position was reclassified from nonsupervisory to sergeant.  Accordingly the incumbent, Andy Rohrich, assumes the rank of detective sergeant.

  Complaints / commendations

An allegation of inappropriate use of force by a deputy against an arrestee was investigated by a Park County sheriff’s deputy acting at our request for an independent review.  The use of force was found to have been appropriate to the situation, but our deputy’s verbal interaction with the arrestee and certain of his actions leading up to the incident were found to have been improper.  Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

Victims Advocate

Ms. Casey Rumora resigned to accept a position at BVCF for a salary $7,000 higher than here.[1]  Her replacement is Ms. Brittany Goodwin who has been a VA volunteer. 

Communications Center


  Training received

All dispatchers underwent active shooter training.  All also participated in CodeRed training.

Three dispatchers participated in an Atmos Gas emergency tabletop exercise.

The communications manager attended a three-day Emergency Management Conference in Loveland

One of our dispatchers went to Black Hawk to teach an emergency medical dispatching training class.

Search and Rescue

Records and Administration

Detention Facility

Two women applicants were hired as detentions deputies, filling two of the vacant positions; both have prior military experience.  Applicants for two remaining vacancies are in the screening process. 

A detentions deputy resigned to accept a position at Buena Vista Correctional Facility for substantially higher pay.

Jail population remains in the 80s and 90s.


[1]Footnote:  The issue of wage disparity, especially as it relates to state agencies, continues to affect our staffing.  And at least three deputies have told us they have considered applying at Salida PD because of that agency’s more attractive pension benefits.