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Johnson Village man in custody after standoff with deputies


Shortly after 1pm Wednesday, deputies were sent to an address on CR 313 in Johnson Village after a call was received from the father of a 29-year-old man who reported that the younger man had threatened to kill him following an argument.  According to the caller, the younger man had been acting irrationally lately, possibly due to his overuse of potent prescription medications.  He reportedly had several firearms available to him and had threatened to kill his father and then himself.  The father then fled the residence and was awaiting deputies at a truck stop.

Assisted by two Buena Vista PD officers, a deputy contacted the father at the truck stop and determined that the situation required additional personnel.  Seven members of the Chaffee County tactical team who happened to be training that day responded to the area.  Under the direction of Undersheriff John Spezze, a perimeter was established around the man’s house and a Code Red notification was made to residents of the area alerting them to the situation. 

Undersheriff Spezze contacted the individual via cell phone and informed him of the presence of deputies, and asked him to surrender.  After some further conversation, the man came out of the house and was taken into custody.

A search warrant was executed on the house and several firearms were seized as evidence or for safekeeping.  The man was taken to the Chaffee County Detention Center where he is expected to undergo a psychological interview.  His identity is being withheld to protect the family’s privacy while a course of action is discussed among law enforcement officials, family members, and mental health workers.