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September 2012 report to the county commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff

The sheriff and undersheriff were guest speakers at the annual meeting of the Game Trail Homeowners Association in Buena Vista.  Afterwards, they visited with participants at the Turner Farm Apple Fest, a benefit for Buena Vista Heritage.

The sheriff attended an evening event benefitting Buena Vista’s Orpheum Theatre.

The sheriff and Salida Police Chief Terry Clark were interviewed live on KSBV Radio regarding the National Drug Take-back Initiative and Amendment 64, a November ballot proposal to legalize possession, use, and sale of marijuana.

Information, both pro and con, about Amendment 64 was sent to our newsletter subscribers and is posted on our website.

The sheriff attended the graveside services for DOC sergeant Mary Ricard in Buena Vista.  Sgt. Ricard was murdered by an inmate at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility on September 24.


Five adults were arrested and charged with felony counts of distribution and sale of controlled substances, primarily prescription drugs.  The arrests came after several months of investigative work by the Chaffee County Drug Task Force assisted by agents of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.  The press release can be found on our website.

Our second prescription drug take-back was held on Saturday, September 29 with drop-off points in Salida and Buena Vista.  We were assisted by volunteers from local pharmacies, students from University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy, and Chaffee County Public Health.  A total of 98 pounds of unwanted prescription drugs and over the counter medications was collected during the four-hour period of the operation.  Our very sincere thanks to the volunteers, and especially to Nancy Mallett and Rebecca Rice of Chaffee County Build A Generation, who put in several hours of preparation for the event.  The press release is posted on our website.

  Training Attended

The sheriff and undersheriff, and deputies Ben Adair and Marty Johnson, participated in a critical incident exercise at the rodeo grounds in Buena Vista.  Thanks to our emergency manager, Lisa Ortega, for all her work on this.

Deputies Stephens and Everson attended a one-week crime scene investigation course presented by Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

   Complaints / commendations

The sheriff received a letter from a lawyer in Texas commending Deputy Darren Lougheed who he said “was very professional and courteous” after stopping the writer for a minor traffic violation.  He wrote, “I just wanted you to know that even folks from out of state have taken notice of the professionalism of your deputies.”

A letter was received from CSP Major Mark Savage expressing appreciation for our cooperation and assistance with the USA Pro Challenge Race.

Victims Advocate

Casey Rumora attended Colorado Association of Sex Crimes Investigators conference.  She also joined Chaffee County Early Childhood Council.  She will begin training four volunteers in early October.

Communications Center

Search and Rescue

September 22, Mt. Columbia.  A married couple was found safe by Chaffee County Search and Rescue volunteers after the two hikers spent an unplanned night on Mount Columbia.  The two, visitors from Michigan, made a 911 call at about 5:30pm Thursday saying they were too exhausted to continue their descent from the summit.  Cell phone contact with the two hikers was lost.  At about 7pm that evening, a team of search and rescue volunteers began ascending the trail searching for them.  Having no success, four members of the team remained on the mountain overnight.  The search resumed early Friday morning.  Finally, at about 3:15pm Friday, the couple was spotted by other hikers as they were descending the mountain about two miles above the North Cottonwood trailhead.  They were met by searchers and accompanied to their car.  Both were in good condition, and required no medical treatment.

September 29, Mt. Missouri trailhead.  A male hiker, age 35, was unable to continue because of altitude sickness.  He was escorted down the mountain by SAR volunteers who provided first aid.  Medical assistance was not necessary.

Records and Administration

Two records technicians attended National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) training.

The records manager attended the Colorado Certified Records Network conference.

Detention Facility


One sergeant took advantage of the voluntary separation.  A new detentions deputy was hired effective October 1.  Testing and background checks continue on other candidates for the remaining part-time and two full-time positions. 


Two corporals are attending FTO Training in October.  Having two more certified trainers will expedite getting our new hires fully trained.

  Special Projects/Unusual Circumstances

With the recent TB incident, all detention staff members have had the first round of tests for TB.  This is a two part test; the second part will be completed in the next few weeks.