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August 2012 report to the county commissioners


Sheriff and Undersheriff

The sheriff presented a citizen citation for distinguished service to Melissa Scott at a regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners. Ms. Scott’s quick actions likely saved the life of a six-year-old girl who was injured after falling from a pony.

The sheriff assisted with the Search and Rescue North’s display booth during the Gold Rush Days weekend celebration in Buena Vista. The sheriff also attended the Poncha Springs community picnic the same weekend.

The sheriff and undersheriff attended a FIBArk board “meet and greet.” The undersheriff volunteered to be a board member for this event but his offer was declined.

The sheriff and undersheriff attended the ribbon-cutting and tour of the new Salida High School. The undersheriff, a 1978 graduate of the old Salida High School, was an honored guest at the event.

The sheriff met with the new editor of the Chaffee County Times for introductions.

The undersheriff was appointed to the Victim Assistance Law Enforcement (VALE) Board for the Eleventh Judicial District.


The USA Pro Cycling Challenge bicycle race came through Chaffee County, entering via Cottonwood Pass, transiting Buena Vista, and exiting north on US Hwy 24. Excellent cooperation among a score of public and private agencies once again made this an event without significant problems. 

   Complaints / commendations

An employee resigned when an internal investigation of the employee’s alleged violation of CCSO policy was initiated.

A patrol deputy received a note of thanks from a Centennial, Colorado citizen he stopped for a minor traffic violation at 2am. He wrote, “You were very nice and understanding [and] it’s good to know there are dedicated officers to keep us safe. Thank you.”

A Buena Vista police sergeant wrote the sheriff to commend two CCSO sergeants and a deputy for their assistance on two highly charged incidents in Buena Vista. In the first, a man armed with a partially concealed handgun inside a local bar refused to leave when asked to do so by the bartender. Later, the man entered another local bar where he was said to be “looking for a fight.” Having learned that the man had recently been fired from his job and was experiencing marital problems, officers worried that he would recklessly harm others. Using sound tactics, officers allowed the man to leave the bar and followed him to a location where he was safely challenged, disarmed, and arrested. The subject was not a concealed handgun permit holder.

In the second incident cited by the BVPD sergeant, a man threatened to provoke an armed confrontation with officers and force them to shoot him. CCSO deputies contained the situation and, after talking to him for over an hour, convinced him to meet with them and to speak with mental health professionals. 

Chaffee County Search and Rescue South received a letter of appreciation from the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office for their assistance in the rescue of an injured man on Rainbow Trail near Coaldale.

Search and Rescue

August 6, Mount Columbia. A 14-year-old boy visiting from Massachusetts suffered an injury to his ankle and was unable to walk. Five volunteers from Search and Rescue North reached him, applied splints, and assisted him to safety in a nine hour operation.

August 11, Silver Creek. Search and Rescue-South assisted an injured male, Salida resident, age 65, off the trail after he suffered an injury that prevented him from continuing. Eight volunteers participated in this 4 ½ hour operation.

August 12, Grizzly Lake Trail. Search and Rescue-North responded to assist an injured hiker, a 40-year-old male from Centennial, who had twisted an ankle and was unable to descend the mountain unaided. SAR volunteers reached him and assisted him down to his vehicle in an operation that lasted about three and a half hours.

August 17, Mount Harvard. A twenty-five-year-old male, Englewood resident, was hiking with his dog toward the summit. The dog’s feet became cut from rocks and would not allow the hiker to carry him. SAR-North met them on the trail and assisted them to the trailhead in a two-hour operation.

Detention Facility

Detentions personnel were alerted that an inmate who was readmitted to our facility after a week at the Jefferson County Jail had been exposed to tuberculosis while in the JeffCo facility. He was isolated and later examined by the public health nurse. Later tests showed him to be not infected.