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Update on drug prevention and enforcement efforts


From our newsletter…

** The sheriff’s office and Chaffee County Build A Generation, in cooperation with the Buena Vista and Salida police departments, will be organizing a second Prescription Drug Take-Back Day.   This one will be held on Saturday, September 29, from 10am-2pm as part of the national event sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Drop-off locations are listed below.

Buena Vista: Parking lot of the County Annex on Lindeman Avenue, across from the library.

Salida: Touber Building parking lot, 448 East First Street.

** Another liquor server training program instructed by agents of the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division is tentatively scheduled for October.  Exact date, times, and location will be announced next month. 

** Another round of community forums are planned for October as well.  These likely will feature increased youth involvement. The teens in Salida who were vocal at the April forum have been given a budget to develop a 30-min segment to deliver at the Fall forum and at school assemblies – some video, skits, etc. Key messages will include good decisions and backing up your buddies (helping your friends and peers make and stick to their good decisions). We also want to get the forum messages to parents and youth more widely through assemblies, social media, etc. Back-to-school events will be an opportune time to spread these messages too.

** The Buena Vista Police Department and high school officials in that town have reached agreement to allow school administrators discretion in dealing with students who are found with small amounts of marijuana, alcohol, or prescription medications.  Police and school officials recognize that these cases often are best resolved by teachers and administrators working with parents without the intervention of law enforcement.

** Enforcement remains an essential element in our efforts.  Earlier this month sheriff’s deputies, assisted by officers from the Buena Vista and Salida police departments, executed a search warrant at a residence west of Buena Vista.  Acting on information obtained through an earlier investigation, officers seized significant quantities of suspected illegal drugs and cash.  Two firearms were also confiscated.  The owner of the house was arrested on felony drug charges.  Investigation into related criminal activity involving illegal drugs is continuing.  The press release can be viewed here.