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March 2012 report to the county commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff…

…attended a variety of meetings including local law enforcement officials in Cañon City, Over the River participating agencies, West Central Mental Health, Salida Rotary Club, US ProChallenge Race planning, and school emergency operations planning.


An extensive operation to apprehend a fugitive wanted for violating parole on a manslaughter charge ended when a body, later confirmed to be that of the wanted subject, was found burned beyond recognition in a small residential barn.  The coroner has not yet ruled as to whether the death was a suicide or the result of an accident.  Press releases related to the operation can be found on our website, www.chaffeesheriff.org

Liquor server training was conducted at the Fairgrounds, instructed by agents of the Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division. The training was jointly sponsored by Salida PD, Salida City Clerk, Chaffee County SO, and the Chaffee County Clerk.

  Training Attended

The entire patrol division recertified on Taser.  One deputy attended training to become a PPCT instructor.  Half of the patrol division recertified in PPCT.  The tactical response team attended 10 hours of training.

New hires / separations

A deputy who had joined this agency only a few months ago resigned to accept a position with the Buena Vista Police Department at higher pay.

  Complaints / commendations

The sheriff received the Chaffee County League of Women Voters annual Making Democracy Work Award.  The award was presented at a public event held at the Salida SteamPlant.

A Buena Vista PD officer wrote the sheriff to commend one of our deputies for his actions during an early morning call at a Buena Vista motel.  The deputy arrived at the motel at 3am on a report of an intoxicated man brandishing a knife.  On his arrival, the deputy was confronted by the man who advanced on the deputy in a “threatening posture,” according to the letter.  Although the deputy may have been justified in using lethal force to meet the threat, he remained calm, convinced the man to drop the knife, and on the arrival of the Buena Vista officer, arrested the man without incident.  “I believe that [the deputy] showed a perfect combination of authority and restraint,” according to the Buena Vista officer.

A Salida PD sergeant wrote our jail commander to commend a detentions sergeant and a detentions deputy for their assistance with an emotionally disturbed woman who had called 911 and then, when officers arrived, locked herself in her bathroom and threatened to harm herself with a knife.  The woman’s husband is an inmate in our jail and the officers, unable to convince the woman to come out, requested the assistance of jail supervisors.  The detentions sergeant and deputy, in an unorthodox move, escorted the husband to his wife’s house.  There, after the woman had surrendered to officers, he calmed the woman and convinced her to cooperate with the officers and mental health workers.

Victims Advocate

Communications Center

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue North will have a booth at McPhelemy Park during Buena Vista Gold Rush Days.

Records and Administration

Detention Facility



Personnel status change