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February 2012 report to the county commissioners


The sheriff and undersheriff…

The sheriff was out of the office for three weeks recovering from hip surgery. 

The undersheriff attended and participated in a variety of meetings.  These included the public hearing in Cotopaxi concerning the Over The River project, the OTR participating agencies’ meeting in Canon City, the Domestic Violence Coalition, County Probation regarding gang activity in Chaffee County, countywide investigators meeting, Emergency Services Council, West Central Mental Health, and a meeting regarding the establishment of a protocol for handling sex assault cases. 

The undersheriff has assumed responsibility for all details related to the scholarship program sponsored by County Sheriffs of Colorado.  He is also our lead in the establishment of a countywide standard response protocol at local schools and in that role gave a presentation to the Salida School Board; he later attended the board’s work session to answer their questions regarding the protocol.

The undersheriff was an oral board member for the Buena Vista Police Department’s selection process for a police officer vacancy at that agency. 

The sheriff’s newsletter concerning underage alcohol and drug use enforcement was emailed to all who signed up for the community forums last year.  It is also posted on the sheriff’s website, www.chaffeesheriff.org.


US Army Special Forces conducted an extensive training exercise over twelve days in Lake and Chaffee counties.  Excellent cooperation among the military and law enforcement personnel.

  Training Attended

The tactical team carried out ten hours of specialized training.  An additional eight hours of training was with the US Army Special Forces during their exercises in Lake and Chaffee counties.

Former US Marshal for Colorado, Tina Rowe, conducted “Bold Patrol” training for our patrol deputies.  Four Salida police officers also attended this training.

  New hires

  Complaints / commendations

Victims Advocate

Communications Center

  Training received

Undersheriff Spezze and Communications Supervisor Annette Stolba conducted informal officer safety training for all dispatchers.

Search and Rescue

Records and Administration

Detention Facility


The boiler at the Detention Facility was down for two and a half days while repairs were being made.  Burmac’s made several donations that helped with the feeding task during this time. 


Two Detention Division corporals attended a two-week supervisor training course sponsored by County Sheriffs of Colorado.  There was no cost to our agency.