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Letter to retail alcohol outlets


 The letter below was mailed to all retail beer, wine, and spirits outlets in Chaffee County on January 27. 

The Sheriff Confesses… 

Full disclosure: I like beer.  And Colorado, with more independent microbreweries than any other state, is a beer lover’s paradise.  Pale ales, dark ales, lagers, pilsners, stouts… it’s a great place to live, isn’t it?

I enjoy a good cigar occasionally, too.  I’m an adult, I take my pleasures in moderation, and I do so legally.  No guilt here.

And that brings me to the reason for this letter.  I’m writing to all our county’s retail beer, wine, and spirits outlets to ask for your support and assistance in assuring that the products we enjoy as adults remain out of the hands of our youth, and to thank you for the diligence you have shown in this regard in the past. 

Last October this office, along with Chaffee County Build A Generation, sponsored two community forums on drugs and alcohol.  We learned from that experience that our citizens are greatly concerned about access to and use of alcohol and drugs by our youth.  While Chaffee Countycitizens are fairly liberal in their attitudes toward adult behavior, it is abundantly clear that they expect all of us to prevent alcohol and drug use by our youth.

Please consider doing two things for the community in furtherance of our prevention efforts:

1)      Sign up for our Internet newsletter.  You can do this by going to our website, www.chaffeesheriff.org; or by simply sending me an email at ppalmer@chaffeesheriff.org.

2)      Consider organizing a Responsible Alcohol Retailers group.  This is an organization of businesses that adhere to a code of ethics concerning the sale and service of alcohol. Members are liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and other businesses.  Similar groups have been created in Weld County and Fort Collins and our community would benefit from one here.  You can view both by going to http://www.teamfortcollins.org/rar/who-we-are/ (Fort Collins) and http://www.wcpreventionpartners.org/RAR/whoweare.shtml (Weld County).

Thanks for reading, and with your cooperation our community will continue to be among the safest in Colorado.

W. Peter Palmer